I am very passionate about education and have been teaching (informally) since I was 11. I love to break down seemingly difficult concepts and to help my students “connect the dots” across a range of different topics. I learn a ton from teaching and am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of Earth Sciences with others. As a professor at Rutgers University, I have the privilege of interacting with students from diverse backgrounds and academic interests. It is my hope that they will spread and implement their knowledge of Earth Sciences throughout their career paths, regardless of what that might be.

Here are some of the classes I have been (or will be) involved with:

@ Rutgers University

Introduction to Oceanography (Professor, Fall 2022)

Chemical Oceanography (Professor, Spring 2023)

@ Other Institutions:

– Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science (GEO 203; Princeton University, Lecturer)

– Geochemistry of the Human Environment (GEO 360; Princeton University, Preceptor)

– Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science (GEO 203; Princeton University, Preceptor)

– Principles of Geology (GEO 111; Amherst College, Teaching Assistant)

– Calculus I/II (MATH 111/121; Amherst College, Grader & Tutor)