I am extremely passionate about teaching and I believe one only truly understands something when they can clearly convey it to others. I have been teaching (informally) since I was 11. My mom is an elementary school teacher and she used to run a small private tutoring business to complement the household income – at the age of 11, I realized I could also help out by teaching my peers and younger students. I worked as a tutor for 8 years before I moved to the US and my favorite subjects to teach were Math and History. In more formal settings, I’ve acted as a teaching assistant (TA) in my undergraduate institution (Amherst College) and as an assistant-in-instruction (AI) at Princeton. My work as an AI at Princeton was very well-received, landing me three awards for outstanding teaching, one of which was a student-selected and student-elected award from the Engineering Department.

My love for teaching is only rivaled by my interest in research, so I hope to land a job where I can do both!

Classes I have worked as a TA/AI:
– Calculus I/II (MATH 111/121; Amherst College)
– Principles of Geology (GEO 111; Amherst College)
– Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science (GEO 203; Princeton University, preceptor)
– Geochemistry of the Human Environment (GEO 360; Princeton University, preceptor)

Past anonymous reviews from students:
“Dani was by far one of my best preceptors at Princeton thus far!! She always came prepared and was incredibly good at explaining things. She always made time for people even moving her office hours around to accommodate our schedules. Always amazingly positive and great person to be around.”

“Extremely well-prepared, helped clarify course material and pset difficulties.”

“Dani did a great job of attending to people’s questions, asking us questions, keeping us engaged and clearly getting across the material.”

“If Dani was teaching this course the subject matter would have been much clearer, I always felt like I understood the topic much better if Dani went over it over the precept.”

Bonus funny reviews:
“Love Dani, dont have time to write how much because I’m rushing these reviews because i need my transcript for an application and they wont’t let me have it until I finish this. But shes great, probably the best part of the class.”

“Dani is great. I’m sorry for missing a few of the precepts, it got pretty difficult to wake up in the morning by the end of semester”